Wednesday, March 4, 2015

bonus points for creativity

It's a crazy world, we all know it.
In the busy hub of our family life, sit down dinners together feel momentous.
I want to celebrate every time we do it; which is why, I think, we have table traditions. Guests at our table are often taken by surprise when we suddenly yell in unison, fingers on noses, and when we break out the question of the night.
These are moments I never want to take for granted, and also the reason why mixing it up a bit at meal time seems important to me.
Last night we tried something new.
I left six letter tiles (think scrabble) at each place setting.
While we enjoyed our meal, the instructions were to turn the tiles into a word, a phrase or an anagram representing POSITIVE things to say about our individual days' experiences.
This attempt to share instantly became a game of word invention mockery--
['gno-lec': "being kissed by a gnome" although it turned into "something akin to full frontal snogging"]
--which I know to be my family's language of love (the mockery part).
['a-tit-i-a': "an enthusiastic salutation"]
I have teenagers, and I'm married to one as well.
I should have seen the writing on, well, the table.
['get-siq': "you're gonna get siq (accent on SIQ)"]
I will say that there was MUCH laughter. 
['heu-dar': "jumping up and down enthusiastically"]
When the game downgraded to bodily functions, (we laughed hardest, I won't deny it) I stood up to commence the clean up process, which, ironically, went quickly and painlessly because of the residual hysteria that ensued.
['log-ho': "what you proclaim in the bathroom 'ere you make a deposit in the porcelain bank"]
These are my people.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In case you missed the Missionary memo:

LOOK who's waiting to hear where she'll be serving:
Her paperwork to serve a mission was submitted February 17th.
That means she'll probably be receiving that big white envelope THIS WEEK!
But she has a plan.
It involves gathering. And WAITing.
Until March 13th.
So wait with me!
And get excited.
(And if you want, try and GUESS where she'll be assigned. She has a giant map of the world on her apartment wall, and is filling it up with little sticky notes that include names and guesses. Comment below with where you think she'll go, and that will make her VERY happy while we wait!)
She is going to be an AWESOME missionary.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Last week I posted everyday. In my head.

I also kept the laundry hounds at bay, nursed a wisdom teeth patient, did most of the dishes and duked it out a few times (metaphorically speaking) with my growing tween, and then bought myself flowers and ice cream. Sometimes in arctic Mother-landia you have to keep standing your ground and raising your kids whether you're too tired or not.  We got this! Eat ice cream. Hide emergency stashes of chocolate. Or potato chips. Or whatever brings you momentary joy. Flowers help. They brighten MY life more than a teensy bit. Don't ever tell yourself you're not worth a bright and cheery bunch of grocery store flowers. Just throw them in the cart and keep telling yourself "I'm worth at least $6.99 and after the day I've had today, all y'alls out there in the great wide universe are lucky I'm not throwing in a bunch for every room of my house."  I consider them a staple. Life just keeps happening. Things like blogging and sleep go by the wayside. (I read a post or a tee shirt ad about mothers of babies and toddlers being citizens of that existence referred to as #teamnosleep... I hate to break it to these valiant and perky young mothers--brace yourselves if you're one of this bunch reading this little post: when your kids get older and start sleeping like the babies we thought they were when they WEREN'T sleeping through the night, YOU are now the one who can't pull a decent night's sleep out of a drawstring bag. EVER. So Breathe. And consider yourself in #teamnosleep training pants) Many things like basketball games and youth temple trips, visits to our favorite UMass student, lunch with my parents and more Massachusetts snowfall have happened since my last visit here. We keep busy. We now snow-blow and shovel, roof rake and hammer ice dams about as naturally as we eat and breathe and sleep. Maybe more. Life just happens between storms. I bought two more shovels today. We put them to good use on their first day. Gird up your loins. Spring is coming. I planted flower seeds in little pots and put them on my windowsill. I will nurture them and also remind myself to nurture the little seeds of happiness that are stretching inside of me. Shine on.

Friday, February 13, 2015

49th annual LHS Competitive Class Plays

 Why Do We Laugh? 
is the play I cheered loudest for this year...
You know, those small town traditions I'm crazy about?
This is one.
Rooney was one of the actresses on the stellar sophomore cast. Their play spotlighted a couple at four different times in their lives: as toddlers, as teens, as middle-aged marrieds, and as seniors.
Rooney played the teenage girl, and rocked the part.
 Mrs. Kimball was their adviser, and she too, was a super star.
 Andy and Meredith were teens in the 1940s.
 By gosh, they were funny.
 And sweet.
Bravo sophomores!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

what was lost is found: cubing edition

There were a few days of elevating levels of panic this week. The Rubik's cube disappeared. And somebody's 10 year old fingers were having cubing withdrawal. We backtracked, thought about where the previous few days had taken it, searched every nook and cranny and could NOT figure out where it had gone.
Until the laundry fairy got caught up a bit.
There was a happy reunion.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

20 points = temple socks

Leeli scored 20 points in her game Saturday. She asked me a few weeks ago "Mom, if I score 20 points in my game will you buy me a pair of temple socks?" That very day we were online  buying some @truecrewsocks#goals✔️#templesocks

Not only are these socks suddenly all the rage, they also ship cross country in three days! She LOVES them. And I'll admit they're much cuter in person than they looked online.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

all for one and none for nudes

Took my three kids shopping for a prom dress... I should have realized my mistake right there. But, as I told them the other day when we had to sit in a Jiffy Lube waiting room together, "thanks for being part of this team." Even though you hate the garage smell and touching germ-y plastic chairs and the fact that at least one of us always makes small talk with strangers... Doing things together isn't always better, but it does sort of unite us in ways we might not expect. Like agreeing that a high five with the cashier at the grocery store when he hands over the receipt totally makes his day... and that naked mannequins make us uncomfortable. We wandered around our local Macy's for about an hour, and had to keep passing a center display that included an arm-less nude fake lady. I'm a little disappointed to admit that I think I didn't even notice her: until my kids did. And they couldn't keep passing her without taking pity on her situation. And trying to help... (by tossing clothes off another rack up on to the seven foot model) and then there was giggling. And we left. And we laughed.