Thursday, November 27, 2014

being thankful

Just in case my blog posts were leading you to believe a wedding was all we were thankful for this year, we DID manage to gather, and share a Thanksgiving feast. 
Although there were many extended family members who were able to come, there were at least as many who could not be there. We were thoughtful of those not with us, and grateful for those who could be. We were not few in numbers, so we met at my parents' church.
 There were some greeting rituals unfamiliar to me.
 It was good to be together, and it was good to hear laughter.
 There was much hugging.
And, in a family who does not drink, there was a Druncle who liked to stir things up, I suppose to keep the young adults guessing.
 Thanksgiving duck-duck-goose
 and of course the FOOD:
 There were a few games after dinner; my personal favorite was Moriah's "boom-boom-pop."
 It was fun to be together.
 I am thankful for gatherings.
 And for family.
 And fun.

Monday, November 24, 2014

the memo on shoes

One of our men at the wedding missed the note about BROWN.
I may be married to him, but I'm NOT taking credit.
Everything happens for a reason, right?
Even if the reason is to laugh a little.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


there was a wedding...

It wasn't THE royal wedding, but let's face it: when it's your kid getting married, and he chooses a brilliant and beautiful bride, you expect red carpet and paparazzi. I mean HELLO:
 They were stunning.
And smitten.
 There were a lot of cameras, mostly because they had such a big gathering of fans/family/friends in attendance.
(an extra big THANKS to my sister-in-law Alana, who took most of these pictures)
 It was great to have Grampy and Mimi there, and even more special because Grampy performed the marriage.

 We LOVE our new daughter-in-law/sister.
She laughed when it rained.
 Which helped us all take it in stride...
Look how well she fits:

 They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.
 I'm inclined to agree
 They're off to a great start.